Ragdoll Queens

My girls :)) Have one litter each spring and summer, unless one girl has just maybe 1 to 2 kittens in a litter. I want my girls strong and healthy.
I do add into their wet diet, from Holistic Blend/Booster plus. It increases the protein and fat levels alot. Also enhances their immune system.This product is great for any intact male or female, pregnant, lactating females, or small kittens. I do use this year round for all of mine. I do highly recommend this product!

Ch Palacedolls Emma~Lee of Rocknragz

Emma is a doll and a wonderful Mom! She is funny, loves to stand on her back legs and pray.

6 year old Emma has decided she is ready for retirement and is looking for her Furrever Home!
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Emma’s Pedigree

Emma~Lee is 6th generation of Josephine. Josephine was the foundation cat for ragdolls.

I showed Emma late October 2011, up against many adults older and males,so I am pleased, she got her champion this weekend at just eight months.

Rosie of Rocknragz

Ragtown Phoebe of Rocknragz

Seal Lynx Mitted

Ms. Tweedle Dee of RocknRagz

Elin of RocknRagz

Seal Mitted

November 2016