New Kitten Hints

New Ragdoll Kitten/ Instruction Sheet

1. Have a safe and kittie-proofed room ready for your new addition. Have all her items in the room, ie: dry food, fresh water, litterbox (away from the food dishes), toys and scratch post. Let your new addition stay in the room for the first whole day, on the 2nd day he/she can come out of the room for short periods to start to explore their new home. Kittie proof the rest of your home by removing any dangerous things that he/she could get into. Tuck any electric cords away, put any strings, ribbons or sewing needles away in a drawer as they may play with them and swallow them. Place plants higher up and out of his/her reach. Do not use tinsle on your Christmas tree as cats have been known to swallow tinsle. Anything swallowed could get stuck in their stomach and require surgery to get it out. Never leave your kitten unattended until you are sure he/she is not going to get into anything dangerous.

2. Put out a bowl of fresh water & dry food for your kitten at all times. Canned food is given twice daily atleast, about one third of a large can. Your new kitten/cat may not eat as much as usual for the first day, this is normal as he/she is nervous. Offer canned food to your kitten/cat as well as the dry food because he/she is more likely to eat the canned food first. If he/she has not eaten or drank after 24 hours call the breeder so she can offer some advice. He/she should have also used the litter-box before 24 hours. Cats love to be brushed gently so that is also a good way to start your new relationship.

3. As soon as your kitten/cat is used to exploring the rest of the house, (usually takes 3-7 days), you can let him/her run freely through the home and leave the safe-room door open so he/she can return to the room at anytime to eat, drink and use the litter-box. After he/she is all settled in and used to the rest of the house you can move the food, water dishes, scratch post and toys to a more convenient location in your home, just show him/her where it is.

4. Your new kitten/cat should have a yearly checkup at a good veterinarian.At any sign of ill health you should take him/her to a veterinarian and also contact the breeder, Laurie /403-938-7288