Happy Clients


22 June 2017

Subject: Chelsea

Hi Laurie,
I wanted to thank you for allowing me to adopt Chelsea! I wanted one of your retired Cats and when Chelsea came up for adoption,
I begged you to let me have her. I was so delighted when you said it’s her time to go and I know how precious she was to you and a what a hard decision
it was for you to let her go.
Just letting you know how loved she is, she fit right into our home. I wanted to tell everyone what a good person you are and how well you take
care of all your cats.
Chelsea doesn’t let me out of her site, she follows me everywhere and I dare not close the door on her because she makes a fuss and has to be with me.
Even my morning coffee outside, I better pull up a chair and let her sit beside me while I drink my coffee because if I don’t she lets me know.
One funny thing she does is when I am sleeping and its getting day light out she likes to try to wake me up my pawing my face very gently. I pretend I am
sleeping and then she does it again and again while purring, I grab her and kiss her face good morning she runs off but then she’s back.
I love my Chelsea!
A big thanks Laurie!

Linda Senychych

29 August 2015

Subject: Smudge


Just an update on our sweet boy. I am so in love with him. He has to have me in his line of sight at all times when I’m home. I am not thinking of new kittens of course but I am hooked on the ragdoll breed. Ragdolls forever now.

I hope all is well. Thanks again for for such a beautiful family member <3

ps……he has to be on my foot when ever possible. I love it


4 Nov 2014

Hi Laurie, it’s Caralee ..My husband and I purchased a seal bi color male kitten from you back on Oct 18th..just wanted to give you an update on him..

We named him Milo, and he is the SWEETEST little guy..Our lab Roxie and him get along marvellously! He has the cutest personality and makes us laugh everyday..he is a real joy! He curls up on my pillow every night and his purring lulls me to sleep..He loves the bathroom sink!thanks again..

If I hear of anyone who wants a ragdoll kitten I will certainly recommend you.

Take care
Caralee 🙂

24 Oct 2014

Laurie, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity of sharing my home and love with such beautiful fur babies. Romeo and Juliette bring such joy in my life and even my 16yr senior cat, Cassandra is beginning to accept them (how can one not). You did a marvellous job of raising them for the first three months of their lives and helped developed their amazing personalities. Now I understand the love of Ragdolls. I appreciate the patience you have given me with all the questions and panics I have had (and still do) in raising kittens. At the beginning I was nervous about getting kittens, 2 at that, at my age but now I consider myself so fortunate to have 2 babies to love and fulfill my life. You are a very kind and honest breeder with the welfare of the kitties first. I would not hesitate referring you to any potential client and if you ever need a reference please feel free to have anyone call me. Again thank you for everything

Diana Colling, Calgary


Hi Laurie
Here is another update of Rosie who is now 18 months old. She’s a big girl (her Dad is Jimbo and her Mom is Kacey). We adore her so much! My daughter sings to her and she chatters softly back, so cute! She loves to be held like a baby and cuddled. Her favourite game is fetching her crinkle ball. She follows us around the house and cries when one of us or all of us leaves the house. She is also always there to greet us at the door when we return (or tries to get out). She is much like a dog which is what drew us to Ragdolls. We highly recommend you to anyone looking for Ragdolls cats. All of your babies are beauties and we couldn’t be happier in our decision to have adopted our little Rosie from you!

Thank you
Scott, Darcy & Averie


Hi Laurie,

Hope all is well . . . .

I thought I would send you a couple of pictures of Lady and Levi . . .

They are doing great and we certainly enjoy having them as part of our lives!

Diane Cadarette

Hi Laurie,

Thank you for Frankie! Frankie Blue-Eyes (Mom is Bindi and Dad is Jimbo) is everything anyone would want in a cat. Friendly, playful, curious, loving and gentle- I could go on and on. In the six weeks that he has been here he has almost doubled in size. This picture is of him at about 18 weeks old. He has learned to put up with the harness and leash and loves his outside time. I would recommend your kittens to anyone looking for a well-bred, healthy Rag Doll cat with a great personality.
Thanks again,

Hi Laurie!

I just wanted to send you an update on Sophie and let you know that she is doing amazing! She is such a sweetheart and follows my husband and I around the house just like a puppy. I can’t even tell you how much our friends and family love her as well and get so excited to come for a visit because of how friendly and playful she is. We wanted to thank you again for breeding such incredible kittens and tell you how happy we are to have Sophie in our lives! I have attached a few pictures so you can see how beautifully she is growing.

Update on the Hooligans January 2013 – now there are 5 Ragdolls from Laurie at Rocknragz running around my house. How did that happen? I think they have taken over the house lol.

It started in December of 2009, with Freyr and Freya. Then in July of 2011, I somehow added another two. I went to pick up Mani Rune (Rune) and this other blue mitted sneaked into the carrier home lol. His name is MonAmie (he is one of Aimee’s). A little red fellow (Merlot) was born last spring. I was dreaming about a red, but hubby had said no. Then in October this little fellow had still not found a home. Why? I have no idea, he is the sweetest little (not little anymore) fellow. Merlot was meant to be mine. He fit right in with the rest of my Hooligans. Even our old DSH Katie loves him, although she tries her best to let you think she doesn’t. I have caught her groom him on occasion.

As you can tell from the picture of 4 of them playing with the iPad, they all get along well. There are the usual sibling fights and then make up. They are sweet loving and each with their own personality. I am entertained daily with their antics.

Becky and the Hooligans

He was waiting for me!! I loved him from day one just couldn’t convince hubby – still no idea why he changed his mind but I am so glad – Love that sweet little boy. He just wants everyone to love him. He head butts our old girl Katie – she lets him. She was grooming him this morning of course my camera was downstairs

**Long story short, December 2009, I received my Freyr and Freya
from Laurie. First I brought the boy Freyr home and then a week later I picked up his sister Freya. Freyr
was a wonderful kitten, but in a house of older pets he was lonely and he made it known. The minute I
took Freya out of the kennel, they were all over each other. Can you say happy? At that time she was
quite a bit bigger than him, not now lol.

Hard to catch these two being still, they are very active, when I am home, except for a couple of tv
watching hours, then off to run up and down the stairs while we try to sleep. They keep me
entertained. Everyone comments on how beautiful they are. They are very healthy. Laurie is always
available to give advice or just to chat. If anyone of my friends is looking for a Ragdoll I would
recommend her in a minute.

Becky and the Hooligans (Freyr and Freya)

Freyr and Freya October 2010.

Thank you Laurie for your knowledge, support and for the care you provided before, during and after adopting our big boy DJ, who easily became a part of our family. He loves to fetch and retrieve returning it right back to you, to throw again and again

I have fun pulling him around in a duffle bag all over the house, or wherever we are. He just jumps in ready to go and now knows the duffle bag also acts as his smuggle bag into a hotel room or to visit my dad in a care center down south.

DJ adapts easily to wherever we go and whoever we see. He travels beautifully in the motorhome and our vehicle anywhere. I think he caught on that each new RV campsite meant another good grooming on a picnic bench.

DJ found out this summer that he quite enjoyed some canoeing at the lake house. Looking over the edge, he was totally entertained by the rippling water,the wiggly bugs, and the Loons that gracefully swam close by. He got quite comfortable as he jumped up to sit next to my husband and continued to enjoy the ride. Just needed a paddle.

DJ loves to be groomed and never misses a good vacuum. When vacuuming the house I have to physically move him out of the way, with not even the power nozzle fizzing him.
He has a spot he goes to, patiently waiting and knowing I will give him a good vacuum nozzle rub down.

We have fun interacting with our pet and enjoy our boy with all the attention he gives us as well, “although” I would like to make the bed, just once without having him dart under the sheet for some early morning playtime.
I’m thinking more about coffee time !!! than playtime, BUT I must do what I must do.

Our meeting with Rocknragz just happen to be in our path one summer, but knowing what we know now, of the care, the passion and her responsible attention
to the breed, we would recommend not just anyone to Laurie, but those who seriously want to love and care for the quality of a beautiful breed.

Thank you Laurie.
Jack and Delana Likes

About Milo

Thank you so much Laurie for my precious boy! I cannot thank you enough. He is absolutely perfect for me and the best company I could have asked for! I have showed his pictures to a few people and recommended rock n ragz, you truly care about your cats and kittens and don’t send them out until they are ready for their new homes. He has such an spunky, playful, loving personality. He has really adjusted to his new home and he loves to play and snuggle. Thanks again!!


Male Blue Colorpoint


Oh my goodness Laurie – he is doing just excellent. His name is Gabriel becuase he is my gorgeous wonderful angel. I got him home last Friday, and within 10 minutes, he ate, used his litter box, and then fell asleep in my arms. He has been eating like crazy, and loves loves loves his litter box. He is always trying to help when I scoop it out, and is fascinated with how the litter grannules move when he digs in it. Its so cute (and a lot of clean up) He explored the whole house within the first day, then set out playing with his toys. His favorite toys are the wand with the feathers on the end, he carries it in his mouth all over the house, he also loves his little nerf balls – he batts them all over and chases them. Then runs to me after he catches it to get a “atta boy” and a quick pet before he starts all over again. He is right at home here, and bonded with me instantly. I cant beleive how confident he is, and how well he has adjusted and how well he does meeting my family and friends who have stopped by to meet him. The only time he got a bit upset was meeting my Dad. My dad is 6’5 and has a deep voice, and it took him a while to get used to him.

He is so smart and happy, it is easiest the best decision I’ve ever made! I havent had a single problem or issue at all – except my own pain when I have to leave him alone so I can go to work. But he runs to the door when I get home every day, and we have a cuddle and snuggle, then we play together.

If all your kittens are this amazing, then you have a very special talent for raising them and socializing them. I’ve never met a more beautiful, gentle, loving animal in all my life. If it ever comes time to bring a second one into my family – you will be the only one I contact!


Hi Laurie,

I hope you’re well! I just wanted to give you a quick update on me and Rupert now that we have been together for almost a month!

Well time flies and he is doing GREAT! We’ve been to the vet for a booster shot and he absolutly charmed everyone in the office. My family and friends are in love with him and he’s become so much part of my life I can’t believe he’s not always been here!

He’s doing really well and is a massive snuggle monster. He loves to be anywhere I am and true to Ragdoll form, loves to flop over anywhere he can (including my keyboard as I try to type this). I’ve attached two quick photos that were on my phone so you can see how he is growing. He certainly will be a big cat I think! I hope to get some clearer shots as his colour really starts to come in. The first photo cracks me up because it looks like he is doing the “Thriller” dance.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of him and allowing me to make him part of my life. I really could not be happier and I think he feels the same!
Take care,

April 12,2011

Thanks Laurie for all your help in bringing little Cruze into our family! He is just PERFECT in every way – smart, playful, loving, and CUTE! We could not have imagined a more perfect match for our home. Sometimes Cruze thinks he is a dog and brings us toys, dishcloths, drywall spatula’s – you name it to us for when we wake up in the morning. Our bed usually has some interesting object on it when we wake up, he also LOVES water! He is very much a ‘lap cat’, and is waiting for us at the door everyday when we get home! His purr can be heard from a different floor in our home and his constant motor lets us know that he is very happy in his surroundings. You have made us a very happy family 🙂
Ian & Chelsey

April 3, 2011

We picked up TIKA June of 2010. Our little ball of fluff was finally coming home! It was a very easy transition for him…he made himself at home within minutes. I went to work each day, but my husband was at home to keep Tika company. They really bonded well. Tika’s first summer was spent camping, which he really loves. He is such a good traveller! Gone is our kitten…Tika will be a year old this month.

Tika is a gorgeous boy! His markings are beautiful! He is quite the character & such a curious guy…always sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong! He is constantly at our sides, making sure he is involved in everything we are doing. As I am writing my story, he is sleeping on the desk right beside me. Tika’s passions are: biting our toes, drinking from the kitchen tap & playing for hours with a paper ball. We throw the ball, he fetches it, brings it to our feet & drops it. We throw it again & away he goes. My husband calls him ‘doggy’ when they play.

Tika is very loving…we kiss all the time. He is so content & calm. He loves to lay on his back, without a care in the world.

I, too, researched several breeders before I made my decision with RockNRagz. It was the best decision. Laurie kept me well informed from the time Tika was born, to the time we picked him up. She sent alot of pictures of newborns, trying to help me decide on which kitten I wanted. It was a pleasure dealing with Laurie, through the course of Tika’s adoption. Never once did I have any concerns. Tika is our healthy, beautiful boy! I cannot thank Laurie enough for the joy she has given us!!

Sylvia Brown

February 17, 2011
Proud and happy owners of 2 very beautiful Ragdoll cats:
My husband and I feel we would be remiss if we didn?t write a testimonial about our great relationship with the owner, Laurie and let people know about our cats that we received from Laurie in October 2009. Laurie?s Ragdoll kittens/cats are really great! We are so happy with our kittens, who have now grown up and are a year and half now, and Laurie. Laurie and I e-mail each other all of the time, just to share stories and pictures. We have seen Laurie?s other kittens and cats and they are simply beautiful.

Ragdoll cats are extremely beautiful and loving. When you carry them, they are so relaxed and do ?hang? in or over your arms! Very neat cats!
Our 2 kittens are brother and sister and we always receive compliments from others (when I show pictures, ha ha) about how beautiful they are. They were and are healthy and wonderfully well behaved. When we went to Laurie?s home we saw their father and he was friendly and relaxed. He let me rub his tummy which our kittens love their tummies rubbed as well. Laurie socializes and trains her kittens so that when they go to a new home, there aren?t any concerns. Laurie is very knowledgeable and likes to know how her kittens are doing over time. The kittens are all ?her babies? and she treats them with love and care. Our kittens are very affectionate and have been since we brought them home. Litter training wasn?t necessary. We put them in their new litter boxes and they have used them since. There haven?t been any concerns with that at all. My husband and I never considered ourselves to be ?cat people? but having our Ragdolls has been an eye opening experience. We love them both more than we ever thought was possible. They are our constant companions who bring joy to our lives everyday. They are so much fun to watch as they lay on their backs waiting for us to give them belly rubs and they are very playful and entertain each other. They invent their own games which are well thought out ! Very smart breed of cat indeed !

When we brought our cats to our Vet for blood work before their spay and neuter, the Technician told my husband they were so well behaved and calm and that she wished other kittens/cats behaved like them. We have taken them to our Vet for their shots and she did a check up on them and there weren?t any health concerns or anything. In fact our Vet wants to own a Ragdoll and wanted Laurie?s website. These kittens are very smart as well and learn fast. If they jump up on something and shouldn?t, we remove them and tell them no and haven?t had to resort to anything more than that.
If these kittens receive a good amount of interaction with you, they will respond ? our kittens follow us everywhere. They like to hang out and watch us, play with us and are excellent companions. We love our kittens and are thankful everyday that we found Laurie ! It seems that Ragdolls are a very social breed of cat who love attention and affection and they return it. Always full of curiosity as well !
We highly recommend that you use Laurie?s services when you are looking to own a Ragdoll kitten who will grow up to be a beautiful, loving cat.
Susan and Gerry Oakson

I researched several breeders and I was instantly impressed by Laurie’s ragdolls. I could see her cats were bred with great lines and gorgeous features. Her cats are healthy and bred with quality. She is very serious about her cats. I am very satisfied with my Rock n Ragz kittens.

Misha and Chico are litter mates from Aimee. They are sociable and beautiful from inside and out. Misha is very affectionate an is always close by. She is a princess and when she’s in the mood very lovey.
Chico is super cuddly and and very floppy. He has the coolest personality and he is the perfect lap cat. They are adorable with big blue eyes and thick fluffy coats. They are intelligent and nicely playful. They were instantly accepted by everyone due to their sweet nature.
Thank you Laurie for sharing your wonderful breed.

June 28, 2009
Kolbie has been great ever since he was brought home the very first day. He’s loyal: Wherever I walk he’s following right behind me,Spunky: He plays whenever he has a chance and Lovable: He cuddles with me all the time! I am so grateful for our new family member. Thanks Laurie!- Sierra

My boyfriend, Jody and I have owned cats our whole life but had recently decided we wanted to purchase a specific breed. After much research and consideration our first Ragdoll (Mookie) was purchased from Rock n Ragz cattery. Best decision we’ve ever made!

Laurie was very knowledgeable which made Mookie?s transition from her house to ours much easier. We were sent weekly pictures of all of the kitten?s progression and when we finally visited to pick out our little girl, all were healthy and happy little kittens that had received all the TLC one could ask for.

Down the road when we?re ready for a second kitten, Rock n? Ragz will DEFINATELY be the first and only breeder on our list.

Thanks again Laurie!

Raegan and Jody

Hi Laurie, Mr. Bailey is great as you can see!

Follows his big brother constantly, eats and sleeps well, likes to be near us but not thrilled when picked up. He can sure let me know when is time for his Natuarl Balance Can Food! He had is second shots and checkup yesterday and has gained one pound. All in all a great guy and we love him.

P.>S Ken has taught him to situp and say please for his treats!

We would definately recomend your kittens to anyone in future, he is a great specimen and we were pleased with the procedure and handling of the kitten sale. As well your kitten prices are excellent. As breeders go, you show a great interest in his welfare which speaks highly of you as a person.