About Us

I am a closed cattery.

My ragdolls are my hobby, an expensive one, alot of work, but something I truly so much enjoy!

I take time out when my cats are not being bred, and I put many hours into my day job, when all is nice and quiet here. I send many Pictures as my kittens grow to reserved pet buyers.

All my babies are raised underfoot, and do finally jump my gate from my room for the run of my house. They all love good old Bosko, my chocolate labrador retriever. Ragdolls are wonderful! They are just like puppycats, as most call them, follow you around everywhere…so a visit to the bathroom, all follow.This is the nicest breed ever. All the parents of my kittens are HCM negative and PKD negative. All parents of my kittens come from champion lines and Grand champion lines. .

My cats and kittens are my family, and are a huge part of my life, and I spend alot of time with them. I have spent alot of time researching the best diet, so my cats and kittens only get the best, and raw is a part of their diet. Good quality canned food and the best dry kibble.

I strive for health, temperament and large ragdolls with lovely coats and blue eyes.

I have a health guarantee of 2 years for any genetic diseases. May I also note, ragdolls are very low shedding cats.

My girls are bred once a year, unless one has a small litter of one or two.

Spring and summer, early fall are when mine are bred. Mine seem to be seasonal, with the short days here come later September in Alberta. Which is nice~And a nice break for all of us here~

My kittens homes are very important to me, and I do want them going to the very best homes. They are well socialized, calm and don’t even mind the family dog at all. The Ragdoll is a wonderful breed. Very well adjusted.They act more like dogs than any other breed. They just fit in well with families willing to love them back 🙂 Also, do remember kittens will be kittens and need to play, this period lasts up to about 6-8 months of age. The toys out now are wonderful~

I also want to thank my many great friends who have helped me over the years.

Also, I am very grateful, I have fantastic vets who support me and very knowledgeable of the Ragdoll breed. Thank you Palvo and Marco.